The Sun and The moon


“Why do you never smile, my love?”
Sun said to his bride moon
“It more becomes my love”, said she
“To save my smiles for you.”

“Why do you never cry, my dear?”
She ventured in reply.
“You know they cannot see my face,
But conjure me to smile.”

“Are you so gloomy as they say?
The folk that dwell on earth?”
“My silver tears are pearl drops
That live with me from birth.”

“Are you a restless child in truth?
As I oft hear them speak?”
“My rays are golden spectacles
That hide me when I weep.”

“Have they a clue, a notion vague?”
The curious Moon enquired,
“That twixt your death and my rebirth
You sob and I do smile?”

“A secret dear, as crystal clear”
Beloved sun betrayed,
“That not one dweller on the earth
Shall ever spoil our reign”.

The Castaway

Banished, in a land unknown to mankind
I’d find repose from all my gnawing doubts
Earthly laws could scarcely claim to harm me
And diffidence would vanish in the sea
Nor would unusual talk, nor would apparel
Nor would frail queerness snatch my peers away
No threats of unfair judgement, for my own soul
And heart would be all they could judge me by
But here they look so much they cannot see
The kindness hid behind the scornful mask
And trapped in error they believe one proud
That asks but to be loved, not cast away.
Yet in my fancy, known to none but me
Amazing truths exist, and I can be.

Illustration: Anna Gibbs 

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