The Street Style Edition: Bill Bryson


By Anna Gibbs, and Frankie Reffell 

Last time we gave you Elvet. This week it’s the best of Billy. Winter is coming! Much to our surprise, the Billy B served up a refreshingly minimalist selection of coats and scarves, complemented by impressively strong footwear game (see buckles and chunky Dad trainers). Put down the teddy jacket, slide out of those air force ones and take a lesson in layering from some of Durham’s finest.

Chloe Djorbua, Hild Bede, Physics, @cerlohee

Chloe Djorbua, Hild Bede, Physics, @cerlohee and Charlie Frankcon, Van Mildert, Chemistry

Ruairi Pyrgos, St. Cuthbert’s Society, Natural Sciences, @redkingpyrghos

Josh Buys, Collingwood, English Literature, @joshpbuys

Chiara Brogi, Butler, Anthropology and International Relations, @claire.te


George Acquaah, St John’s, Philosophy, @george.acquaah


Cyd Ashbridge, Hatfield, Psychology, @cydashbridge


Ana Hamilton, St Aidan’s, Anthropology and Archaeology, @ana_hamilton_



Fraz Marsden, Hild Bede, Business Management, @frazmarsden

Verity Laycock, Hild Bede, History, @veritylaycock

                                                                  Photographs: Anna Gibbs @gibbsofengland 

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