The Smile


Walking down the street,

It’s twilight,

Crossing the bridge where strangers meet,

A slight smile upon their lips,

They never meet again,

But in that moment, there was unity,

So meaningless, so important, so humane,

Slightly warmer than before, they journey on,

With ice cold fingers and tired feet,

But aware of the spark inside,

Which makes humanity complete.

Now deep within the cosmos,

They are no longer alone,

Rather surrounded by human stars,

Each ignited by passion of their own,

A colourful flickering in the dark

Of light and warmth and hope.


The glow in her eyes burns brighter,

Brighter than the city lights,

The spring in his step is greater,

Much greater than before,

She can hear the gentle roll of the river below,

He can smell the smoke, heavy in the air,

Suddenly, they want to relax, enjoy, let go,

Because there’s a beauty in it all,

Which they never noticed in it all,

A peace, so heavenly, so divine,

A world of sounds and smells and so much more,

A spiritual level of existence, in which art is the key to living,

Always showing us beauty in the smallest things,

Taking us to the fountain of purity everlasting,

Forever alerting us to the smile on the stranger’s lips,

That flicker of human light, within.


Photograph: chb1848, via Creative Commons and Flickr

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