The Durham Revue returns home

Durham Revue returners 2015

talks to the new The President Abigail Weinstock about their plans for this year.

The is back as usual with their Returner’s Show. As with many previous years, they’re bringing the show they took to the Edinburgh fringe this year back to Durham. Abigail Weinstock, this year’s President, considers the show with less stress than usual. “In The Assembly Rooms, it’s kind of home turf. This is the least worrying show because we’ve done it so many times before.” And understandably so. Their show Cirque du Sillý had many good reviews whilst in Edinburgh, including a four star review from Broadway Baby.

Even though many might say the Revue’s sense of humour is quite specific, Weinstock explains that it’s really just dependent on who is in it that year. “The Revue’s sense of humour is an amalgamation of the individual members. We like to cover a range of options, so there’s something for everyone.” Auditions for new members this year happen this Tuesday and Wednesday, so it’s going to be interesting to see whether these new members might take their brand of comedy in a completely surprising but welcomed new direction.

“I just want people to realise how enjoyable it is, even if you’re not big into drama.”

Despite their already well-established popularity, Weinstock is hoping to welcome more varied audience members as the group progresses. “What I really want is for people who don’t usually come to see drama to not rule out coming to a show like ours, but also people who usually go to really hard-hitting drama shows, to also not rule out coming to our show. I think we’ve got something really quite unique.” Weinstocks hopes their quick and easy to watch style of comedy will reach further audiences. “I just want people to realise how enjoyable it is, even if you’re not big into drama.”

The returner’s show is on tonight, but following their auditions next week, and new members, the Revue will also be back with further offerings for this year. “We have our returner’s show, then our Assembly Rooms show in Epiphany, and our Gala show – we’re also hoping to have an all stars alumni show.” With many plans already established for this year, it’s safe to say that The are certainly back home.

‘The Durham Revue: The Returner’s Show’ is at The Assembly Rooms Theatre tonight, Sat 17 October, 20:00. Book your tickets here.


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