The best locations to eat as a vegan

By Olivia Hargood

Veganism has admittedly grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Upon choosing to go vegan 6 years ago and being a big foodie, it was initially hard to find places to eat a decent meal that wasn’t just chips and salad. However, fast-forward to the present day, I am overwhelmed with mouth-watering vegan options everywhere. After exploring the many vegan options across the country, it became fairly difficult to narrow down the best places to find vegan food, so the following three places, in my opinion, provide the best selection for plant-based people. 

The first is Bristol. My account may be biased as this is my local city, but it really is one of the best cities for those wanting abundant vegan choices. It has a wide range of vegan restaurants, ranging from your typical vegan health food to delectable vegan junk food. Purezza, a vegan pizza chain, is one of my favourites — they have a full vegan pizza menu, and their desserts (especially the cheesecake) are to die for. 

There is also Park Street, which is located in the indie part of the city which has become a hotspot for Bristol University students. Vegan cafés are abundant, and there’s even vegan oat milk bubble tea! It is a must for any vegan (or curious) visitor to Bristol and the beautiful College Green is just 2 minutes away, so you can enjoy your vegan food of choice with a view!

Manchester is also one of my favourites for vegan food. There are over 30 fully vegan cafés and restaurants just in the city centre, with many non-vegan restaurants having a wide range of options for vegans. Manchester remains one of the top cities to find vegan junk food and takeaways Frost BurgersV Rev and Döner Summer are just some amazing outlets available. You’d be able to find any cuisine veganised in Manchester. Places such as Feel Good Club offer vegan pop-ups, so even if the permanent restaurants aren’t what you fancy, there are many seasonal options for you to try. They even housed the first vegan ramen pop-up there, I wish I could’ve gone! 

And my last, but certainly not least, is York. Perhaps underrated in terms of vegan offerings, I was pleasantly surprised when I took a trip there and discovered the vast number of vegan options to choose from. My favourite place to visit is Kwench, a dessert restaurant located near the York minister. I had a vegan bubble waffle with vegan Mr. Whippy ice cream and tons of Biscoff topping, with my fussy vegetarian sister even taking a liking to the vegan ice cream. They also served vegan milkshakes and endless ice-cream flavours; some I am dying to try! 

Kwench in York

Orinoco Vegan York is also a must-visit. They do vegan fried chicken, loaded tofu fries and even a cookie dough pie – what more could you need? And the best thing is, York is only a forty-minute train from Durham, so if you haven’t yet sampled the vegan food in York has to offer, you better book your train ticket – you’re missing out!

So, the next time that you are in these cities, or even somewhere else, hop on the Happy Cow app and find a local vegan restaurant to visit

Although many popular chains are good for vegan convenience, it is always good to try and support local. So, the next time that you are in these cities, or even somewhere else, hop on the Happy Cow app and find a local vegan restaurant to visit. Doing this has led me to some of the best restaurants that I still think about today. We don’t have to miss out on anything any more just because we are vegan! And if you aren’t vegan, still give it a try — it might taste nicer than you think. 

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