Thai Night 2017


Durham’s Thai Society’s Thai Night is a celebration of Thai culture by showcasing different aspects. The event consisted of many festivities such as traditional Thai games that are played at temple fairs, traditional Thai cuisine, and performances such as Thai dances and Thai boxing. There were about one hundred and fifty attendees at the event that lasted between 6:30 and 10 pm.

The event was catered by Zen Durham a local Thai restaurant that is highly regarded in the area. Many of the chefs at Zen are of Thai origin and have been specially trained in Thai cuisine. The food served included dishes like Thai Green Curry, Satay Gai, Ka Nom Pang Na Moo (breaded minced pork that has been deep fried), sweet and sour fish, Kaa Moo (spare ribs in honey sauce), Pad Thai, and a traditional Thai desert Khanom Mo Kaeng Thua (custard with mung beans).

It was clear that the food was a hit with the Pad Thai disappearing quickly along with the Satay, stir-fried vegetables and Khai Luk Koey (sweet and sour fried boiled eggs). When asking attendees about the food the consensus was that it was delicious, and many others called it “satisfying and incredibly yummy.” When asking the Thai members of the society, I did find that the food served was less spicy than traditional Thai food, but this meant more people were able to enjoy the food. Overall, the event served as a way to bring a little slice of Thai culture to Durham and share it with as many people as possible.


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