‘TEDxDurhamUniversity’ to return on Saturday


Returning for the fifth time, ‘TEDxDurhamUniversity’ will offer an exciting event later this week, featuring a range of live speakers whose aim it is to spark deep discussion about contemporary topics.

The event, which takes place this Saturday at 10:30am in Ushaw College, will involve seven speakers, presenting talks on the common theme of ‘Creation’.

Sean Wilkinson, currently the Executive Development Chef at Northumbria University and operator of a private catering business will hope to inspire the audience with his talk on how his creative process combines art, skill, and science.

Stuart Maitland, a Newcastle medical student and founder of Mediwikis, will talk about the founding of his website and his passion for the open sharing of information. Annie Fairchild and Abi Cole, both students at Durham University, will be giving talks on journalism and domestic violence, respectively.

Doctor Arnab Basu MBE will speak about his efforts in technology commercialization from a university laboratory, specifically in the field of Nuclear Security.

Geoff Watts, who has worked with numerous businesses and is a best-selling author, will present on his role as executive coach, and leadership and team-building consultant.

Koichi Samuels, research leader and music tutor in The Drake Music Project Northern Ireland, will speak about his philanthropic involvement.

Photograph: Joyce Uerpairojkit

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