Team Durham stash provider launches face masks


Team Durham sport’s official partner PlayerLayer has announced they are producing team colours face masks in the midst of COVID-19. PlayerLayer has offered to make custom BELONG face masks and PPE.

“It won’t be long now and we look forward to that wonderful feeling of team spirit. To feel once more that you BELONG”, PlayerLayer has announced. “At PlayerLayer teamwear is what we do and we show our team spirit through our colours and crests. So when we make face covers, we show that we BELONG”.

The brand is also selling upside down printed t-shirts with the hashtag #HandStandUpToCorona.

PlayerLayer was launched by a Loughborough graduate in 2009 and supplies customised kits to sports teams.

Roderick Bradley, the company’s director, currently plays for London Blitz
American Football Club, with a successful sporting background in swimming and rugby.

Bradley stated “Using our manufacturing and logistics network, we have partnered with trusted global leaders in PPE for our products. Our key partner has already supplied more than 50 million items to the NHS. We want our customers to feel safe and secure. We are adapting to global needs. We are producing PPE.”

Durham University’s sports centre at Maiden Castle has been closed since March, and whilst households are now allowed to play sport together, it may be a long time before university teams can return to the pitches.

Image: PlayerLayer

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