Stupid in love

By Charlie Williamson

I sit and breathe

In, love 

Out, love 


Figuring out my thoughts that fly with rose tinted glasses

Sprung from a dream so real and lovely I couldn’t pass it

Logic is out the window 

Expectations dropped low

I sit and wonder how in the world the world doesn’t see my love

The way I see my love who lights up my world

No rhyme nor reason 

No fear nor treason

Certainly no betrayal now Cupid is hard at work

I lose myself in those eyes and gorgeous smirk

I sit and breathe

In love, 

Out, love

Old love seethes


Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars

Each bright one watching this passion burn like mars

A cold front is coming tonight

Prepare yourselves for a fright

I know the chip on your shoulder was carved by somebody else 

And I will fight for us because we both know there’s nobody else

They say I’m stupid in love

I laugh and rise above

While keeping low and sorry for being late to the phone how was your day I will make you a cup of tea now don’t be silly tell me what’s wrong I’m sorry I will do better let me help I love you I love-


I sit and breathe

In, love

Out, love

Back in my day I wasted so much time being stupid in love

I think I almost hear my grandmother say to me from up above 

A penny for your thoughts 

I see all crosses no noughts

There is no equality in that because the game will not game 

The way a game should. I hang my head with blame in shame

The glass broke in my hand

In the heart of this dreamland

And the pieces fall and break the façade while I know I was stupid in love


I sit and breathe

In, love

Out love.


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