Studio: Hound’s new home


It’s midnight on Friday and I’m lost in Studio. The night started well, arriving at 10:30, I scoped out the new location. For those unfamiliar with the new Planet of Sound, Studio and Loft have joined forces to offer students three rooms of musical mayhem. There’s the Main Arena with international DJs, Room Two’s Sound Foundation which mixes funk, soul and hip hop and finally, Cheese in Room Three.

Myself and fellow Feature writer Ellie start off in Sound Foundation with a shooter of cherry sour and a vodka and mixer (single, we are working after all!) It’s still early and the dance floor looks a little barren but there’s a fair crowd around the bar. A lover of cheese, I took an immediate liking to this room and so did everyone else, it was packed! The dancefloor was heaving and I could have spent the rest of the evening happily bopping along to Shaggy’s ‘It Wasn’t Me’, but journalistic duties called.

We head outside to gauge the reaction from some club goers. “Underwhelming” and “frankly a let down!” were the reports from a group of Freshers. However Ruby, a second year, was slightly more positive: “last year was alright but there was so much space and so few people. This is so busy and so full.”

We head back inside to see how the night’s progressing and this is where the trouble begins. Our plan is to go through Cheese to Main Arena but we end up back in Sound Foundation. We backtrack and take an alternate staircase which leads us back into Sound Foundation. By now we feel like we’re in an MC Esher Crazy Stairs-esque universe and all the rooms are looking exactly the same. Flustered, we ask one of the bouncers if they can direct us to Main Arena, but even he gets lost. When we finally make it there it seems everyone else has had the same trouble and the room is barely filled. While it wasn’t an overwhelming success Studio does seem promising, just make sure to carry a map when you visit!

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