Spotted: Durham

by Megan Magee and Jessica Ng

Spotted on the Science site, Durham University shows that there is more to the student wardrobe than hoodies, pyjama bottoms and Bailey stash. Mixing the very best of high street with a bit of… everything else, here is a round up of Durham Student’s best street style from Indigo:

Name: Lily

College: Hild Bede

Subject: Economics and Psychology

Wearing: dress from Topshop, coat from Barbour, scarf borrowed from Mum and shoes by Office.


Name: Cat

College: Cuth’s

Subject: Maths

Wearing: trousers from River Island, jumper from Primark, scarf from Marks and Spencer, shoes from Clarks and bag from H&M.


Name: Cecilia

College: Van Mildert

Subject: History

Wearing: Coat belongs to Grandma from the 40s, bag from Accessorize, boots from Ash and dress from H&M


(Left) Name: Laura

College: Grey

Subject: French and Italian

Wearing: coat from Zara, skirt from Henney, vintage jumper, shoes from Russell and Bromley, tights from Italy and “Mum’s necklace”.

(Right) Name: Laura

College: Grey

Subject: French and Italian

Wearing: coat from Topshop, bag from H&M, boots from Hudson, trousers from Zara and vintage scarf.

4 thoughts on “Spotted: Durham

  • The Laura’s do it for me

  • the laura on the left is absolutely bang tidy

  • It is spelt PSYCHOLOGY and not Pyschology. Clearly your editors are doing a crap job


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