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Jamie, Barry, Mike, and Ben are lifelong friends who, apart from Ben (a professional chef), have never been possessed any culinary talent or knowledge, and it wasn’t until they started following Ben’s back-of-beermat recipes that they realised that cooking isn’t so difficult after all.

Now, seven years on from when they first uploaded a YouTube tutorial on how to create homemade pizza, they have become the largest cooking channel on the site, with over 1 million followers. Sorted has developed as its own social media platform, using its website to host the recipes shown in the videos and as the focal point for a rapidly growing community of new cooking enthusiasts.

With a brand focused on mutual learning, the mobile app soon followed; it allows an in-depth food experience and a platform for content sharing, which is something which the likes of Instagram cannot offer.

SortedFood is truly a great starting point for any student who slowly being driven up the wall by a monotonous cycle of £1 pizzas and mum’s Bolognese, offering simple, healthy, and most importantly, tasty recipes that you can replicate at home with very little culinary expertise. Furthermore, the website is beautifully crafted, combining clear and concise recipes with some artful photography and graphic design.

In summary, the guys at the heart of this hugely successful channel are leading the fight against the disheartening revelation from the Co-op that a quarter of Brits aged 16-24 have no interest whatsoever in learning even the most basic of cooking techniques, citing the frantic millennial lifestyle that eliminates any chance of developing these skills.


Photograph: We Are Social via Flickr

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