Society Spotlight: Durham’s Cultural Societies

Whether you’re an international student or a home student with a keen interest in travel and culture there’s a society that’s right for you. Durham’s cultural societies offer the opportunity to celebrate your own culture or learn more about someone else’s. Freshers’ Week isn’t your only chance to join a new society so why not check out the societies below, they look forward to welcoming you!

Durham African and Caribbean Society: 

The Durham African and Caribbean Society (DACS) encourages all students to learn about, experience and celebrate the joys of African and Caribbean culture in a friendly and fun environment.

We aim to provide a platform for showcasing African and Caribbean culture within our community, as well as creating a space for our members that will cater to their social, educational and professional requirements. Anyone who is interested and has an appreciation for Afro-Caribbean culture is more than welcome to join Durham’s ACS.

We host several exciting events throughout the year beginning with our Meet & Greet and Rooftop Welcome Party where we hope to give new members a warm welcome. Other calendar highlights include the Christmas dinner, Cultural Ball, Games/Movie nights, Chop and Chats and alumni networking events.

Please follow our social media pages for regular updates!

Facebook: @Durhamacs

Twitter: @Durhamacs_

Instagram: @duramacs

Message us on Instagram to be added to our Fresher’s WhatsApp group chat.

Durham University Welsh Society: 

Shwmae! Helo! We’re Cymdeithas Gymraeg Durham, otherwise known as the Durham Welsh Society. There are so many ways you can get involved – whether it’s a Gavin and Stacey themed social, Welsh lessons, a trip to Dublin (to watch the rugby of course) or contributing to our new bulletin “gair weir.” Whether your first language is Welsh, you have connections to Wales or are simply interested in getting to know more about our culture everyone is welcome! Mae ‘na groeso I bawb!

Social Media:

Facebook: @duwelshsociety

Instagram: @duwelshsociety

Durham University Korea Society: 

Do you like K-Dramas, K-Pop, Korean food, or even just Korean culture in general? Well, you are missing out if you haven’t checked us out! We are the Durham University Korean Society, and we welcome you to join us for exciting events and gatherings! We hold events for those interested in Korean Culture such as K-Pop parties, Korean Food events, watching parties and many more. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Social Media:

Facebook: @duks

Instagram: @duks_official

Students of Mixed Cultural Identities Society: 

Students of Mixed Cultural Identities Society (SMCIS) is a safe, inclusive society for those who feel that their background leaves them at a crossroads. If the answer to ‘Where are you from?’ has ever been loaded for you, we are probably the right place. Whether you’re multiethnic, multi-racial, or a third culture kid, mixedsoc (as we are colloquially known) is the place for you. We love to celebrate our differences within ourselves and amongst each other. Join us for fun food socials, game nights, nights out and discussions about our identities and place in the world.

Social media:

Facebook: @mixedsoc

Instagram: @mixedsocdurham

Images (in order of top to bottom): Adeline Zhao, Durham African and Caribbean Society (logo), Durham University Welsh Society (logo), Durham University Korea Society (logo), Students of Mixed Cultural Identities Society (logo)

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