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Finally it’s officially cool to be nerdy thanks to the understated and naturally funny trio that make up Festival of The Spoken Nerd.

Created by three (extremely clever) self-confessed nerds, Helen Arney, Matt Parker, and Steve Mould, their new show Full Frontal Nerdity is fresh, witty, and actually very funny.

With scenes that resemble an eighties comprehensive science class and home-made devices, which are capable of doing things you really shouldn’t try at home, who would have thought science could be so amusing?

It was like watching three naughty school children over indulge in their curiosity for the weird and wonderful.

Helen, who graduated in Physics and is an extremely talented comedian, presenter and songwriter (all inspired by Science), gave a welcome respite from spreadsheets and binary codes with the occasional song, where one can apparently feel colours and smell sounds.

You couldn’t help but be drawn into her strangely captivating world of nerdiness and unorthodox creativity.

Matt Parker, a Stand-up Mathematician, has an extraordinary talent of being able to successfully combine mathematics with stand-up comedy.

This guy actually made spreadsheets comical, and with his scales from ‘zero to joke’, Matt Parker definitely ‘Excel-ed’ himself.

Steve Mould who, apart from his obvious presenting skills, would appear to have a talent for cheeky boy humour and alluring science tricks.

His confident, laid back demeanour bizarrely left you wanting to know more about the wonders of the natural elements. It’s amazing what he can do with a gherkin and a piece of wire.

They promised us “a celebration of science with comedy, songs, live experiments and unashamed geekiness” and they didn’t disappoint, giving us an eclectic mix of humour and science, which was effortless and provocative.

Their enthusiasm and ability to encourage audience participation somehow manages to draw you in and leaves you with an insatiable desire to see more.

With lessons in the colour spectrum and certain types of mathematical equations this really was the perfect lesson in science.

The ‘nerds’ have previously had sell out shows in some top theatre venues, including London’s Bloomsbury Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe, Hammersmith Apollo, and Theatre Royal Haymarket. Their new show Full Frontal Nerdity is proving to be just as popular and is definitely not one to miss.

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Photograph: Idil Sukan

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