Reader’s Scigest: 31/10/18

By Ewan Jones (SciTech Editor)

The discovery of a dwarf planet in our solar system aptly named “The Goblin” has lent further credibility to the theoried existence of ‘Planet Nine’, a supposed massive planet lurking in the Oort cloud in the far reaches of the solar system. “The Goblin” has a massively elongated orbit, supposedly from the gravitational force of the ninth planet.

The race is on for the development of the first exaflop-capable supercomputer, capable of running five times as fast as the current frontrunner. In China, three Universities have been pitted against each other in a competition intended on driving faster development. However, the US, EU, and Japan have all also expressed interest in being the first to reach this phenomenal milestone, with many claiming to have a running model by 2020.

Also in the realm of astronomy, astronomers earlier this month discovered the first exomoon (a moon outside our solar system). The moon is around the size of Neptune, making it the largest moon ever observed. It orbits the exoplanet ‘Kepler 1625b’.

Photograph: Nicolas Valdes via Flickr

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