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Which adaptation of Shelley’s Frankenstein is being used for the production?

My own, I adapted it from the novel over Christmas. I wanted to preserve Shelley’s vision as much as possible so my input is very limited. It’s just been a matter of arranging the parts of the book in a suitable and interesting order (that and students aren’t allowed to use the Nick Dear version!).

Is there a particular interpretation of the classic novel that is being imposed onto this theatrical version?

To some extent. On the one hand, the vast majority of the lines are what Shelley wrote, but we have cast a female creature (which did involve some rejigging of the storyline!) so I suppose that is a little different. It’s not quite a matter of imposing anything on the story really, rather letting Shelley’s masterpiece speak for itself.

How much emphasis is there on the Gothic horror elements of the story?

They are present obviously but the story itself, which dramatises the question of man playing God and creating man is endlessly more interesting!

What have been some of the challenges and fun aspects of putting together this production? 

It is in the round (the audience will be on all sides of the stage) so having to constantly tell the cast to make sure they are turning enough has been fun (or irritating if you asked them…). It has been a lot of fun to put together, the cast and production team have been brilliant, enthusiastic, and responsive.

One reason to let readers know why they should come to this production?

You will probably never get the chance to see Frankenstein performed in a Castle Great Hall again in your life. If you love the novel or are interested in the questions it poses, you have no excuse not to come to see this show!


‘Frankenstein’ will be performed in Caste Great Hall from March 7th to 9th.

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