Parts of Durham flooded as Wear bursts banks


Parts of Durham have been left submerged after 36 hours of heavy rain. The River Wear burst its banks after a second day of rainfall, flooding areas around Elvet Bridge and the Racecourse sports ground.

Persistent rain across England, especially northern areas, has already led the Environment Agency to issue 78 flood warnings. One of these warnings concerned the Durham City area and the Wear duly burst its banks around lunchtime today.

Sections of the Elvet Riverside building are underwater, as are paths and low lying areas in the immediate vicinity of the Wear.

A fire crew was also called to the Three Tuns Hotel, opposite Elvet Riverside. It is believed the emergency services were called after the downpour caused roof tiles to come loose. One Durham student who was passing at the time commented: “They cordoned off the area whilst one fireman climbed up the ladder and basically kicked the tiles back into place”.

Some parts of England are set to experience 50mm of rain throughout the day; nearly a fortnight’s worth of rain. The inclement weather in Durham is forecast to continue into the night, raising further concerns that flooding could spread.

It is not the first time the Wear has burst its banks this year. Unseasonably heavy rain caused widespread flooding last May and proved to be the precursor for the wettest summer in 100 years.




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