Palatinate Web Whirl: Snow Sporcle

by Hannah Watson

DSCF443532 Welcome back to snowy Durham! Despite fears that most students are already suffocating under the proliferation of snowy Facebook statuses – never mind the inescapably large amounts of it staring you in the face every time you step outside – I felt that trying to avoid the theme of snow for this week’s Web Whirl would be futile.

Being British, snow is a rare enough occasion to provoke delight for half of the student population, whilst being an easy target for complaints of the rest. Therefore, snow remains one of the most exciting things that has happened in Durham this year, there’s no two ways around it!

App Happiness

For those unwilling to brave the cold, this entertaining app attempts to give you all the fun of the snow without leaving college. Available on Google Play, Amazon Apps and the Apple Store, Snow Racer Friends Free describes itself as “blazingly fast, snowboard fun! Blast through the snow and bolt past your friends in a race toward the finish line. Charge up with mega power ups to launch over ramps and grind across rails – becoming a blur and knocking the needles right off the trees as you whiz by.” Rated at 4 stars, and absolutely free, it’s worth a whirl!

Website of the Week

For those who have not yet discovered Sporcle, avoid clicking onto this highly addictive website until all your deadlines have passed and all your summatives are submitted! Take ridiculously themed quizzes on all subjects under the sun, and when that’s become tiresome, create your own!

The One to Watch

An unusual response from a crazy dog meeting the snow for the first time!

Whether you love it or you hate it, wishing you happy snow days everyone!

Photograph: Bryony Hockin

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