Palatinate Web Whirl: Screaming Goats

by Hannah Watson

goat64As we near the end of term, procrastination is at an all-time high as Durham students trawl the internet in a bid to find anything more exciting than impeding deadlines. In the spirit of helping morale (although I’m going to dodge the blame for hours of wasted time!), here are some trends making their way around the World Wide Web.

The Harlem Shake

It will (I hope!) come as no surprise to hear mention of the Harlem Shake in this round-up of viral videos.  Durham soon joined the craze, with Facebook’s event scheduled for 23rd February 2013, and over 1400 people supposedly set to attend.  Palatinate covered the event here. It seems Durham can be reasonably proud of our efforts, with a nod to ‘Porting’ in the front and the happy coincidence of snow providing the incongruously picturesque setting of Palace Green in front the cathedral.

The video received some opposition from within Durham itself, as the dance (though now far removed from its origins) is said to be unfairly appropriated from ‘The Harlem Shuffle’ dance step, first performed as part of the vibrant dance culture which permeated dance clubs of the Harlem area during the Harlem renaissance.

My favourite Harlem attempt has got to be the English National Ballet’s attempt (sorry Durham!) for shaking off any prejudices about stuffiness and elitism in the ballet world.

What are your views? Do you find this dancing to be racist, as some have suggested? And how does it rate against Gangnam Style?

Goats Galore

One of the most bizarre and hilarious of recent viral trends, the premise is simple. Take any dramatic section of a well-known song, where the singer’s efforts to reach a high note causes the tune to become a little bit screechy (take note, Taylor Swift). Replace with a goat ‘screaming’. I kid you not (aha). This handy ‘supercut’ gives you the gist:

The original goat has now been replaced with yet more unusual alternatives:

I dread to see where this trend goes next!

And Finally!

For Mother’s Day, The Huffington Post has some amusing advice on what and what not to buy your mothers in this article!  Enjoy!


Photograph: Copyright ceridwen and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

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