Palatinate Web Whirl: Milking or Porting?

by Hannah Watson

It’s no use crying over spilt milk. But perhaps crying is justified over the embarrassment caused by Durham students, who have taken the craze of ‘milking’ to a whole new level. ‘Milking’ is an internet fad which involves young people pouring freshly bought pints of ice-cold milk over their heads in public places. Originating in Newcastle and now having spread over the country, Durham has followed suit, with one elitist, upper-middle class difference: replacing milk with port.

Some have suggested a tenuous link between the government’s decision to raise fees which is ‘milking’ students for all their worth, whereas the students themselves maintain the faintly ridiculous idea was born from a joke in their kitchen which was then filmed, uploaded to Youtube, and went viral. Check out these videos and don’t forget to groan in dismay at the terrible milk related puns, (‘Just semi-skimming youtube when I found this’), which can be found in the comments below.

The original Newcastle ‘Milking’ video:

Durham’s own take – ‘Porting’:


The craze seems to have divided viewers, many who see it as harmless, if ridiculous, fun…whilst others have criticised the students for the waste of time, money and food. Which camp do you find yourselves in? Any predictions for the next random craze to take over the web?


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