Palatinate Web Whirl: Goodbye 2012!

by Hannah Watson

Welcome to 2013! I hope everyone had an amazing night last night and brought in the New Year in style. 2012 has been a remarkable year, with the success of the Olympics, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee…and more internet fads than anyone could care to number…

For anyone not quite ready to let go of the past year, here’s a round-up of internet highs and lows to keep you entertained. Bizarre, embarrassing, and ridiculously enjoyable, I give you a virtual tour of 2012. Enjoy!

2012 in Google Searches

See the most popular search engine requests in a variety of categories. Some are surprising, most are downright embarrassing!

2012 in Memes

This amusing article lists a meme a month for the year. See how many crossed your radar.

2012 in Youtube Videos

The Metro Newspaper listed some of their most popular videos of 2012, no surprises for the first on the list..!

Psy’s Gangam Style

Walk Off The Earth’s cover of ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’

Presidential Rap Campaigns – Romney vs Obama!

Felix Baumgartner’s Balloon Leap

2012 on Wikipedia

These were the top Wikipedia Searches of the Year! Summing up the trends in 2012.

1. Facebook

2. Wiki

3. Deaths in 2012

4. One Direction

5. The Avengers

6. Fifty Shades of Grey

7. 2012 phenomenon

8. The Dark Knight Rises

9. Google

10. The Hunger Games


Happy New Year everyone!

Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire/Press Association Images

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