Palatinate Web Whirl: Cats and Google Glasses

by Hannah Watson

January… a month for reflection, improvement, resolutions and making space in our lives for whatever the adverts would have us believe is the next big vital thing. Out of the many gimmicks and promotions being plastered across billboards and backed for greatness, how can you ensure you keep up to date with only those trends which are sure to become the next best thing since sliced bread, and avoid leaping onto the metaphorical bandwagon destined to career off into oblivion? Thank goodness the Palatinate Web Whirl is here to suggest 2013’s most popular internet infatuations, as well as a few predicted to fall by the wayside.

App Happiness

‘1 Second Everyday’

Judging by the success of Instagram where users feel at liberty to post daily, even hourly, photos of their lives for friends, great things look set to be in store for ‘1 Second Everyday’. The app allows users to create their own videos, filming one second of their lives everyday to create a short film mapping a year in your life. The creator Kuriyama explains it as being an opportunity for self-evaluation, celebrating the happy times but also capturing the sad moments which photos tend to air-brush out. Watching back the video gives you time to consider what you would change about the way you spend your life – making poignant watching before you make next year’s resolutions…or just to reminisce about your days as a bright young thing!

Digital Developments

BBC News online highlighted two big technological advances set to make waves this year. The much talked about ‘Google Glasses’ and catchily named spin-off ‘Vuzix’ are in their words ‘essentially mobile computers that take augmented reality to the next stage’, or in lay-man’s terms, specs which beam information and social media communication via the internet right before your eyes. ‘Google Glasses’ has received positive reviews, being named as one of 2012’s Best Inventions by TIME Magazine, and with fashion designers such as Diane von Furstenberg sending models down the catwalk wearing the glasses, this innovation may well take off for the flamboyant and famous who are rich enough to afford it.

Likely to cause a scene, but perhaps with less staying power 

– The invention of dresses fitted with electronic displays used to project social networking updates onto the material – egocentricity taken to the extreme?

– Pinterest-esque website aimed at cats. No, we’re not joking:

What do you think? Any predictions for the internet successes and failures of 2013?

Photograph: Google

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