Palatinate, pizza and punk: a review of Pizza Punks

By Elliot Gosnold

A week or so ago I took a visit to Pizza Punks, located along the Riverwalk. I’ll be reviewing my time there, with the hopes that I can inspire others to indulge in what I would deem a very enjoyable dining experience. I’ll be covering everything from customer service, cuisine, and overall atmosphere. Take this article as an “all you need to know” about Durham’s very own Pizza Punks from a fellow student’s perspective.

As already mentioned, Pizza Punks is located on the Riverwalk. Standing out with its red neon light exterior amidst a myriad of other food venues, living up to its name with its glaringly confident stature which is emblematic of the punk archetype. This is especially apparent when you contrast the venues red hue with the adjacent natural and historic scenes of Durham; it certainly makes a statement, a statement that one can only fully get to grips with once they enter the building.

Pizza Punks certainly lives up to its name with its glaringly confident stature which is emblematic of the punk archetype

When you enter Pizza Punks you are instantly embraced by punk music. Don’t worry if you’re not a huge fan, punk music is a diverse genre with a little bit of something for everyone. The staff are very accommodating, directing you to a table and giving plenty of time to select from the menu. If you’re unsure on what to choose, which isn’t unusual given the vast array of pizza combinations to choose from, the staff are happy to provide recommendations. The customer service was brilliant, with a swift smile-laden service that felt real, once again nurturing that punk ethos of being down to earth, genuine, and treating all people (annoying Palatinate customers included) with patience and respect.

The menu itself is unlike any other pizza place I’ve visited. While Pizza Punks do offer the standard selection of pizzas, such as margherita, pepperoni and Hawaiian, they also embrace the punk tenet of  free expression with an almost unlimited array of options to create your own pizza. This freedom of choice is exemplified by the fact that you can even choose to have garlic and rosemary roast potatoes on your pizza! Veggies and meat eaters alike will definitely find something they love at Pizza Punks, with so much choice in terms of toppings it’s hard not to find something you will enjoy.

Veggies and meat eaters alike will definitely find something they love at Pizza Punks

On my own visit to Pizza Punks, I chose a very basic margherita with a side of cheesy garlic bread, which I can honestly say was fantastic. While you may be questioning my decision after reading the previous paragraph, the reason I chose this is because I wanted to see if Pizza Punks could pull off the basics. I can confirm that they can, the margherita was amazing. Having tasted the basics, I can only imagine how good the pizza would be with additional toppings, which is an excellent reason for me to revisit in the future. The drink selection was also very good, with one of my favourite beers, Pravha, being on the menu. If beer isn’t your thing, there’s a wide variety of cocktails to choose from. Soft drinks are also available. Sadly I had an early morning lecture the next day and therefore could not go down the cocktail rabbit hole…

All in all Pizza Punks makes a fine addition to Durham’s food scene, offering a vast, delicious and unique menu. On top of this is the excellent customer service and welcoming atmosphere, and they even offer a 25% student discount Sundays to Thursdays. The punk principles are certainly in place, fostering openness, free choice and authenticity. If you’re feeling like a pizza infused date night or even a punk powered social, Durham’s Pizza Punks has you covered.

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