Opinion Poll: Politics & Politicians – What Durham Students Really Think

By Mason Boycott-Owen, Kate McIntosh & Joseph Costello

Its been a massive year in politics. Trump’s victory in the US election has capped off an incredible 2016. Brexit was also a momentous moment in modern British history – if it actually happens that is.

This flurry of change comes after years of stagnating voter turnout. The victories of Brexit and Trump have been heralded as the disenfranchised fighting back against the political establishment which has left them behind.

But what about students? – those with the lowest voter turnout of any age bracket. This is what our opinion poll is about – what do students think about British politics? Has this momentous 2016 made them more or less likely to engage with politics?

The poll takes only a couple of minutes and only requires a Google account. All responses are anonymous – your Google details will not be recorded.

Take the poll below or via this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfzFqAxh-hkh_XPPY_NKfh6lYMW5SLN7St_o-7e23ZCVhcqtA/viewform


Photograph: Misko via Flickr

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