Online only versus in-person: how subjects compare


An investigation by Palatinate has revealed the differences between departments in terms of the proportion of undergraduate students selecting “online only”.

Students were able to request that their teaching be entirely online for Michaelmas Term. Covid-19 restrictions have made it difficult for some international students to enter or leave the UK, while other students may be shielding with relatives or concerned about safety at university.

The Business School had the highest proportion of students opting for online only. 57% of Accounting students have done so, with 49% for Management and Marketing and 32% for Economics and Finance.

3% of Geography and Engineering students studied online only

The Faculty of Social Sciences and Health had the largest disparity. 41% of students in the Education department have opted to study entirely online. In contrast, 19% of law students have opted to study online, while only 3% of Geography students have done so.

There is significant variation between the sciences, with 16% of Computer Science students compared to only 4% for Chemistry and Earth Sciences, and 3% for Engineering. There is also significant discrepancy between colleges. Most colleges had roughly 15% of students studying online only.

South and Collingwood Colleges have the lowest proportion of students online, with 9%. John Snow and George Stephenson Colleges have the highest percentage, with 19% and 18% respectively. 

Image: Milly Wang

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