Next year I will


it will make you smile again, knowing the moon is touchable. hearing voices which are kind again – voices that don’t stick to empty walls the length of a finger. traced with sticky toffee clumps. waking again with no dread of the days. a new cycle’s hug

  1. Next year I will know where things are again

 / Drink more water, no less than the recommended 8 cups 

  1. Next year I will call gran more often so she can tell me how she warms herself with generous bowls of porridge

/ Start yoga, take up jogging – go for sunrise runs in comfy yet somehow stylish running shoes

  1. Next year I will try porridge again, piled in hills of sugar. I never liked porridge but hers is unbeatable, or so I have heard

 / Order less takeaways – learn to cook. Eat healthier in general 

  1. Next year I will make my voice my own again, break from the tightness of a heartbeat and the long growls of my lungs 

/ Go to bed earlier, do not use phone before bed – wake up fresh

  1. Next year I will learn to count the stiches in my knitting, taking notes from my aunt who is not an aunt

/ Start a diary, create mantras to myself which are read aloud daily in the mirror, by a broken lampshade

  1. Next year I will be. Next year will be. 

/ Buy new lamp. Buy diary

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