New LGBT+ Mondays in Klute


Durham’s most famous nightclub, Klute, has introduced its first weekly LGBT+ club night in Durham.

The new Klute LGBT+ club night kicked off on the 14th of October, and has been dubbed ‘Loud and Proud Mondays.’

It will be the first regular LGBT+ night to be introduced in Durham since the Osbournes’ LGBT+ nights were founded 5 years ago.

The first regular LGBT+ night to be introduced in Durham in 5 years.

Klute’s ‘Loud and Proud’ nights happen to fall on the same night as Osbournes’ LGBT+ night, which has sparked discussion within the LGBT+
community on whether this will help or limit the community.

Tess Tickle, regular Drag Queen at Osbournes and founder of Durham’s first LGBTQI night 6 years ago, as well as the founder of Osbournes’ first LGBT+ night alongside fellow Drag Queen performer Emma Royd, told Palatinate:

“Personally, I think Klute should work with the existing night at Osbournes rather than working against it by holding their event at the same time and
maybe opting to become a club for party goers to move on to, offering the LGBTQI community a safe place to club after hours.”

Tess Tickle continued: “Adding to the night would be much more beneficial than trying to dilute an amazing night.”

“Giving us a variety of club nights in Durham is just amazing but I think diluting an audience isn’t great when both nights could benefit from working together.”

“LGBT+ club nights give me a real sense of security.”

Rowan May, LGBT+ rep of St. Cuthbert’s Society, believes the new LGBT+ nights at Klute might be beneficial to the community.

She stated: “I love Osbournes, it’s familiar to me and I’ll always see faces I know there. The music is great and I’ve gotten to know the drag queens.

“I think it’s fantastic that we have new club nights like Glow and the one at Klute to accommodate what seems to be an expanding community.”

Photograph by Karendesuyo via Flickr

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