MyDurham makes your Durham marvellous

By Jack Eardley

Spending half your day searching for a free PC? Struggling to find an obscure lecture theatre? Stunned by the size of your library fines at the end of the year? If the answer is yes then there is help on the way, as this week sees the official launch of the MyDurham app.

A small but dedicated team has created a student focused application designed to improve the lives of all Durham students. It can currently be used to find people, locations, and free computers and provide an easier way to access everyone’s favourite online learning aid, DUO.

The team also welcomes comments, complaints, and criticism from students to help them make the app completely invaluable to anyone at Durham. Current estimates indicate that the app has been downloaded by a third of the student population, but with increased awareness and the arrival of new functionality, there are hopes to improve these numbers as well as the frequency of its use.

Additionally, there is an ambitious plan to increase the app’s functionality by incorporating personalised lecture timetables and emails that can sync with your device’s calendar software. The team hopes that this will reduce printing and improve the university’s environmental impact as well as saving time and frustration.

Also on the horizon are plans to add point-to-point live directions to the app, as well as catering information both for the university cafes and colleges, and local eateries. The app already has a dedicated service for open day visitors and soon plans to launch an Alumni section for the application.

In a Palatinate exclusive interview with Adam Brown, head of Marketing and Communications for the application, Adam was keen to emphasise the importance of student feedback in this project through direct contact or application store reviews. The possibility of the Palatinate online edition featuring on the app is also an exciting prospect for those Palatinate readers who struggle to pick up the latest copy.

The app is hosted by Exlibris who provided a stable and quick platform for development and use.

Whilst walking through Durham this week you won’t fail to notice the projections announcing the app’s official arrival. This writer was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and already useful functionality of the application and would recommend downloading it.

You can keep it on your phone in between Snapchat and Candy Crush.

Photograph: Durham University

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