My Goals This New Year


A new year brings a fresh start and with it comes the yearly tradition of setting new goals. Most people dwell on goals surrounding physical changes, but as we enter the next decade, I’m beginning to think more about mental growth.

Spontaneity is something I struggle with. I am definitely a self-confessed planner and I like things to be organised well in advance of them happening. With university, sporting commitments and social events, there are so many things to do and it seems impossible to fit everything in unless it’s all planned out.  But what I have come to realise is that a lot of this stems from being disconnected from the present. I probably speak for many of us – I begin to settle into a repetitive, arguably dull routine where I feel like I’m sometimes just mindlessly doing things in a sort of out-of-body experience.

We are disconnected from the present

I think social media plays the biggest part in this; it’s almost like we have two lives, one real and one virtual. Social media is only going to become more prominent in our lives, and it makes us capture every sunset or film every concert just to post them online. I’m a strong believer that everything in moderation is a good thing which is why I will continue to use social media this year, but my goal is to be less attached to my phone and as a result, hopefully less absent in my daily life. The aim is to try to strike a fine balance where it exists in my life, but I’m not consumed by it.

Everything in moderation is a good thing

However, social media is not the sole killer of the art of living in the moment. I’m more aware now that being spontaneous is not just about acting on a whim; it’s about being open to change, being less fearful of the unknown and purely giving your mind and body more freedom. These changes are much harder to implement, and I doubt that I will be able to completely change my thought processes and perceptions within one year. To me, abstract ideas such as these ones are goals you work towards for the rest of your life. They cannot be accomplished within a set time frame, but my aim is to make progress towards being more welcoming of unplanned change and spontaneous plans.

These are goals you work towards for the rest of your life

We are all works in progress; such is the nature of life. And even though we may not achieve these goals in the foreseeable future, making small changes to achieve them is an accomplishment.

Image by akashskyprince0 via Pixabay

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