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From this month onwards, Palatinate‘s editorial team is coming together to create Spotify playlists, formed of the top ten songs they can’t get enough of. This series will feature suggestions by Editors from each section, starting this month with a list by Music Editor Kat Pittalis.

  1. Easy Life – ‘Peanut Butter’ 

Well-known for their incredible songs ‘Nightmares’ and ‘Pockets’, Easy Life created their new track, ‘Peanut Butter’ which features on the groups demo see you later maybe never. Created during the pandemic in order to “spare people from the infinite boredom that is lockdown”, the track sees the the lead singer providing wishful thoughts through witty lyrics accompanied by smooth guitar and brass melodies. This is by far one of the best tracks the group have produced which continues to demonstrate their impressive level of music production and creativity.

2. Hayley Williams – ‘Pure Love’

“If I want pure love, must stop acting so tough.” Fresh off her first solo album, Petals for Armor, Williams pours her soul into these lyrics, allowing listeners to delve deeper into her personal life unlike with previous Paramore songs. The album as a whole is a masterpiece, with the tracks particularly highlighting Williams’ inspiration from the 80s. This song demonstrates Williams’ genius at managing to embed melancholy lyrics amongst a pervading, funky bass line and infectious beat which listeners can’t help but be mesmerised by them.

3. Best Frenz, Joywave & Jason Suwito – ‘30% Off’

Dealing with current affairs, Joywave’s lyrics provide a new spin on the issues people are facing with the pandemic. In particular, the second verse provides insight into the group somewhat mocking those who believed the pandemic was a hoax, citing that despite being completely healthy the virus still has the capability of taking a toll. The moderate tempo with distorted guitars, bass driven melodies and Daniel Armbruster’s vocals highlight the vivid effects and consequences of “the cough” superbly and is overall a brilliant track to add to your music library.

4. Mac. Miller – ‘Dang!’ (feat. Anderson .Paak)’

My song of the summer, ‘Dang!’ is an exceptional single off Miller’s 2016 album The Divine Feminine. The song explores Miller coming to terms with and asking questions regarding the difficulty of being head over heels in love with someone yet at the same time appearing to lose their interest. The lyrics are accompanied by upbeat, addictive energy expressed through the use of sparse horns, smooth beats and an infectious bass line. Overall the song provides the perfect, vibrant, funk nature which has the capability of raising any listeners’ spirits.

5. Jean Tonique & DiRTY RADiO – ‘Lit Up’ 

If you’re looking for something funky, impressive and a song which not many people know about, well this track is exactly what you need. ‘Lit Up’ provides an incredible sense of freshness from the polished panned synthesisers and vocals to the 2013 Daft-Punk inspired bass line. The French Producer features his falsetto voice for most of the track which blends perfectly amongst the disco-esque instrumental.

6. Forrest. & Biskwiq – ‘Your Soul’

One of the voices behind the famous duo Surfaces, Forrest Frank’s first solo album provides an insight into his personal style. ‘Your Soul’ is definitely one to feature on a ‘relaxing Sunday’ playlist. The smooth beat accompanied by gentle ukulele chords and Forrest.’s vocals provide the perfect sound for unwinding after a long day of lectures. The end of the track has Biskwiq sample Lou Bega’s melody from ‘Mambo No. 5’, with Forrest. putting his own spin with his witty lyrics. The unexpectedness of this never fails to bring a smile to a listeners’ face.

7. The Hoosiers – ‘Rules’ 

Famously known for ‘Goodbye Mr A’, The Hoosier’s 2007 album Trick to Life is a magnificent masterpiece. In particular, ‘Rules’ demonstrates the groups quirky, narrative-based approach to lyricism whilst being accompanied by upbeat, guitar-driven melodies and use of a bright, brass instrumental section. The song also perfectly demonstrates the impressive range and vocal ability from Irwin Sparkes and is overall a very enjoyable song.

8. Empire of the Sun – ‘Walking on a Dream’ 

The Australian electronic duo released this song back in 2008 off their debut album Walking on a Dream. The title track is prominently electronic with it’s paced club-style beats and synthesised hooks providing not only a celestial atmosphere but also a somewhat cinematic experience. The song is one that listeners would most likely recognise from advertisements or film / television programmes yet might’ve missed the opportunity of finding out its name. Overall, the song is perfect for studying to due to it’s laid-back nature and smooth, relaxing melodic writing.

9. Child of the Parish – ‘Make it Better’

Discovering this group by chance, this fairly unknown EDM group has woven its way into all my playlists. Their music focusses on combining the styles of disco and psychedelia. ‘Make it Better’ demonstrates the groups polished and eloquent approach to song-writing. Although expressing melancholy lyrics, the group manage to portray them in a joyful light through the use of the addictive beats and disco-style instrumental melodies. Their EP Make It Better is definitely one to listen to if you’re looking for a fresh and fascinating sound for your music library.

10. HONNE – ‘Free Love’ 

Off their new album, No song without you, HONNE continue to explore and evolve their electronic roots yet this time with a more stripped back approach. The delicate, uplifting lyrics accompanied by calm guitar medlodies and bass lines creates the perfect atmosphere for chilling outdoors on a hot summers’ day.

You can listen to these ten tunes here, and for more playlists, be sure to subscribe to Palatinate Music on Spotify.

Image: Martha Lily Dean

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