The Age of the Twink


In Ancient Greece was the first twink, immortalised in kitschy frescos
and traced right up through us, to the revels of our prying eyes,
of bodies. Pornhub Gay offers such genres as: the masculine
is dominant, feminine submissive –
understand that’s enough.

Athens’ twink is lightning – a flash in the pan of hot, white light,
and, thousands of years from Greece, a lingering absurdity:
we need these binaries. If he’s lucky, on Grindr, he’ll bag
a real man, anything less than masc for a mask
would be grotesque.

So Aristophanes’ bottom-shaming endures, and this twink
ages out, and the light goes out, and the thunder claps –
before we know it, we’re in the sexualised, an age of
Dionysus, where Hermaphroditus can play his role
as the gods prescribed in kitschy frescos.

Astaroth is much prettier than me


Astaroth is much prettier than me
All black,
Slathered in factory produced beauty,
Eyes the size of dark stars,
Nails and cheekbones that could cut

But Astaroth is much prettier than

Kisses across the neck, the chest,
Purple pulsating blisters of pure
A bloody gash of lust across the
Surely it’s enough?

But he is still so much prettier
than me.

I love her.
She loves me
I think?

But my best friend is so much prettier than me.

The Painting in my arms


Love only felt one way,
A Narcissist laments,
How He took you for granted,
In all the time you spent.

A shadow across the pillow,
A scent upon the air,
A reflection in the mirror,
A presence no longer there

Love only felt one way,
The painting in My arms,
The way you always should be,
Never to be harmed.

Image by Levi Clancy via Unsplash

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