Marc Jacobs SS16

By Samantha Wernham 

New York Fashion Week: seven days in which the world’s most esteemed designers flaunt their contemporary collections, providing lucky spectators with the chance to marvel over some of the hottest pieces for the forthcoming season. In order to impress against the cosmopolitan backdrop of the Big Apple, a simple runway lined with models is no longer sufficient; designers must create an entire experience, one which is compelling and leaves an indelible impression.

The undoubted master of this skill is Marc Jacobs, deciding this year to run with a flamboyant and cinematic theme. The innovative craftsman brought together his ingredients – personalised popcorn and posters, an iconic red carpet, an array of captivating models dressed to kill (including Adriana Lima and Joan Smalls) and even a live jazz band – in a dazzling display of vibrancy and colour, underlined with a nostalgic nod to the ‘Old New York’ of glamour and extravagance


Certainly, there is a tendency to cross the hypothetical line that distinguishes the classic and elegant from the garish and ostentatious. However, Jacobs manages to steer clear of such a trend. Granted, the show was an explicitly stereotypical representation of the American movie theatre, yet the clothes were far from tasteless. Luxurious silks and satins flounced down the runway in a variety of primary colours, interrupted momentarily by glimpses of metallic silver.

Dynamic and playful, the Marc Jacobs 2015 show was as unforgettable as the Hollywood era itself.

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