Mansa Musa Money

By Fahad Al-Amoudi

See Palatinate’s interview with Durham spoken-word artist Fahad Al-Ahmoudi here.

I want Mansa Musa Money,

That alliterative honey,

Rich in words is rich for real, the deal

That Mammon made

Ordained by his zeal was false…

But still I’d steal for Mansa Musa Money.

That level where Cole and coal money looks funny

Or makes me flip,

Wanna trip over my pay slip,

Eyes wide but page flick,

My heart rate is basic,

Numb to the paces my money rolls into my basin, basically I’m chasing

Mansa Musa Money.

Thought Timbuktu was a daydream,

Looked in the mirror:

‘Things are closer than they seem.’

I’d go Christopher Columbus crusading for

Mansa Musa Money,

Trading spiritual health for material wealth,

Persuading myself

To put my morals on the shelf,

Sell them for 4:44 and fill my pelf,

I thank you.

Because exploitation has no hue,

It’s the universal pew we kneel on,

Want to feed on your creativity.

Take your dreams and sell them back to you,

Make Mansa Musa Money off your aptitude,

I’ve got an appetite to snap at you; Nile crocodile, I’m volatile in the gold rush.

Ask a few devils I’d stoop to their level for

Mansa Musa Money,

Doll plush women and every day sunny

With the warmth of beach bunnies… stop.

I’m lucid dreaming

In pools of evening


The paper peeling off the trees

Into my hands,

The fantasy bands play sweet music in my ears, singing about

Mansa Musa Money.

It’s that lyrical runny sauce

From a golden glazed gauze filter for my water, pause,

As a pauper I prayed for porcelain, painted pictures and paper Porsches,

Posh and porky porters

Holding open doors for authors,

Documenting all my orders

And actions.

No one could beat my faction

With Mansa Musa Money.

Nothing could beat a distraction

Like Mansa Musa Money.

Nothing could dull my passion

For Mansa Musa Money.

I’m always in fashion

With Mansa Musa Money,

I’ll always be happy

With Mansa Musa Money.


Photograph: Daniel Vogel


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