Lecture series on Clint Eastwood, zombies and more returns

The lecture series will be delivered by PhD students at Durham

By Daniel Johnson

Clint Eastwood westerns, zombies, and Norse mythology seem an unlikely combination – but these are just a few subjects for lectures to be delivered this summer in the English Department.

For the second successive year PhD students are giving the Late Summer Series, lecturing on familiar reference points first explored in great works of literature and ancient mythology. The lectures will be free and open to all.

Kaja Marczewska, postgraduate student and series organiser, said: “The lecture series will discuss contemporary cult characters such as zombies, Western movie industry anti-heroes drawing from Clint Eastwood’s movies, and even the practice of cross dressing as depicted in Old Norse mythology.

“Other elements will include James Joyce’s Ulysses as a study of modern consumerism and advertising as well as the depiction of sex and violence in traditional folk and fairy tales of Grimm Brothers.”

The first of eight weekly lectures takes place at 17:30 on Wednesday 17 August in Alington House Community Centre, and will be repeated on Thursday at 17:30 in Bede’s World, Jarrow.

Miss Marczewska added: “We are hoping these lectures will possess broad appeal, they provide a great opportunity for members of the public to gain real insight into current developments in literature and literary research.”

For more information and full listings visit the Late Summer Lectures website.

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