Labour set to triumph in local elections


With the 2018 UK local elections looming into view, many are wondering what the political map will look like come the 3rd May.

Elections will be held within England, with all 32 London boroughs, 34 metropolitan boroughs, 68 district and borough councils, 17 unitary authorities and 5 mayoralties up for grabs.

The polling expert Sir John Curtice has predicted major Labour triumphs in the capital, with the traditionally Conservative Barnet, Wandsworth and Westminster set to be seized, and with the Liberal Democrats creeping up the polls in Greater London. Metropolitan boroughs across England such as Birmingham and Manchester are on offer, with the remaining voting taking place mainly in the south-east and north-west.

In 2017’s local elections, the Conservatives enjoyed significant gains at Labour’s expense while the Lib Dems and UKIP suffered significant losses.

However, another year into the Brexit process, there are no certainties; although these are local elections, national issues have potential to swing the results, lending weight to the notion of a Lib Dem resurgence. Many are wondering whether Labour will be punished for lack of stance over Brexit, while hopes that her more recent and frank Brexit speech will serve to tempt back disenfranchised Conservative voters, amid disillusionment and continuing policy shift on both sides of the political spectrum.

Photograph: Chatham House via Flickr

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