Kate McIntosh runs uncontested for DSU President


Kate McIntosh, a fourth year at St. Cuthbert’s Society studying History and Politics, is running unopposed to be the next president of Durham Students’ Union.

Hustings took place at 18:00 on February 14th, the first day of campaigning. Ms McIntosh’s hust addressed her priority policies. These include: combating sexual violence and harassment on campus and in Durham city, developing support for international students, fighting for a fairer community, and championing disadvantaged students.

Ms McIntosh would take over from current SU President at the end of the academic year.

Speaking to Palatinate, Ms. McIntosh said: “This election campaign has made it clearer than ever that we desperately need a politicised, powerful and relevant students’ union.

Priority policies included combating sexual violence on campus and fighting for a fairer community

“As SU President I would lead work that will make real, meaningful change to students’ lives, and plan for a more diverse and inclusive future. I’m excited to start work on combating sexual violence and harassment, championing disadvantaged students, supporting our international students’ and fighting for a fairer community.

“I’m thrilled that our study body is united behind this vision of a more progressive Durham, in the face of rising student numbers, an increasingly elitist Higher Education sector, and a university that still fails to pay all staff a Living Wage. There are big challenges ahead – but I can’t wait to get started.”

“We desperately need a politicised, powerful and relevant students’ union.”

The result of the election will be announced in a ceremony at the DSU at 7pm on Thursday 21st February.

The voter turnout in last year’s Durham SU election was only 15.2%, which had declined from 24.7% in the previous year.

Josephine Butler had the highest turnout of all colleges at 34.7%.


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