ITV announces new reality TV show: The Only Way Is Durham


The sequel to The Only Way Is Essex, The Only Way Is Durham is due to hit the screens by the end of the year. The spin-off of the popular show will take the North by storm, focusing on the life of Durham students. 

Producers have left behind the streets of Brentwood in exchange for the streets of the Bailey, with filming already seen taking place in some of the most popular locations in the city. The celebrity stars are no strangers to a cheeky bottomless brunch at Slug and Lettuce or a 2 for £8 cocktail from Boat Club. TOWID would not be the first film crew to visit Boat Club, with previous sightings of Sam Fender and Jude Bellingham.  

One area viewers may notice a difference is in the attire of the two shows. They will be swapping the fake tan, Botox and heels for trench coats and skinny scarves. This may come as a shock to viewers, expecting classic true Essex fashion, but sums up Durham fashion to a T. 

As well as featuring some familiar faces from the original, The Only Way Is Durham will follow the likes of the Bab’s promoter, the TikTok BNOC and the Top Durfess commenter. The series will deal with themes such as Tinder hookups, college-cest and a dodgy digital footprint due to drunken street interviews- the holy trinity of a Durham student! 

Just like the original, most of the filming will be taking place in top-class clubbing establishments, such as ‘Jimmy Allen’s’, a substitute for The Sugar Hut in Essex. It will follow their clubbing trials and tribulations, arguments and tears. Critics have questioned how film crews will fit cameras on Jimmy’s dance floor, but all will be revealed upon release. The booths and copious amounts of table service will be swapped out for Woodgates, and luminous tables by the Jimmy’s bar. It will also document the arguments and drunken conversations, with permission from Urban Oven, to film the most hectic part of the night- the cheesy chips and afters. 

The Only Way Is Durham is set to hit the screens this Friday.

Image: Peter O’Connor via Creative Commons Search Portal

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