By Pan Edward

Why didn’t you just say
that you felt that way.
Each subtle hint and cue led
me feeling so confused
and all that I wrote for you
I hope it amused

because you just left me empty.
and I would cry but something
prevents me

because I feel played like
a wingless fly

I won’t waste my time and sigh
for what could’ve been and
what it never was

because in my head: it was
all in my head

and it was never real
anymore past a lonely lustful

so I’ll move on and maybe
you’ll think

that this poem is me grieving
about you

well It’s a hoodwink
because sure with you I was
in love, I think.

But your brain-fuck taught
me mental Kung-Fu

and I won’t fall so easily
for others like you.



Photograph: Pedro Ribeiro Simões via Flickr

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