The heat suffocates me the second the doors slide open

Six months of change I shed off like a second skin

The wounds I abandoned to the past

Haunt me anew 

Nothing ever changes here.

The walls of this house bear every version of me

I run my fingers along the spines of the books 

My stories are pressed between these pages

My secrets hidden amongst tales of angels and star crossed lovers

Nothing ever changes here.

I wait for the phone to ring

To feel the ecstasy I once did

With the people who once called

I sink into my disappointment and let it coil around me 

Nothing ever changes here.

I reshape myself small

Their uncontrolled anger lashing against my vulnerability 

I split my deepest self open 

Offer up my soul for a shred of understanding 

Nothing ever changes here.

I walk the streets that hold a lifetime’s worth of memories 

Remembering clandestine kisses and playground quarrels 

Purest love inherited from our mothers

The friends my children will call family

Nothing ever changes here.

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