Harry Kane: Should he stay or should he go?


176 Premier League goals in 270 appearances, 28 years old and three golden boot awards among dozens more personal accolades. Not bad going, is it?

Harry Kane is a man with the world at his feet; however, he currently seems unable to grasp it. The façade that surrounded the Tottenham Hotspur camp this summer provided the football world with its first real glimpse into the frustration presently presiding within the England captain’s mind.

His refusal to train with the club and the shambolic coverup that followed has cast a stormy cloud over the prolific forward’s North London future. Now, the question of the summer of 2022 is coming to the fore: What should Harry Kane do?

Since his notorious breakthrough 2014-15 season, in which his fresh no.18 jersey filled our screens and indiscriminately haunted the defences of every Premier League club, Kane has made himself a key fixture of English football. Some dub him the best forward in the world and it is easy to see why.

Some dub him the best forward in the world and it is easy to see why.

He has arguably dragged a fragile Spurs to a level of expectation they could not have dreamed of fifteen years ago. Consistent top four finishes, alongside a monumental Champions League final in Madrid have all exposed both himself and the club to a high degree of scrutiny and spectatorship. 

Moreover, on the international scene his Midas’ touch has never been too far away. Kane has been able to establish himself as a talismanic goal scorer for the Three Lions. With the achievement of a World Cup semi-final in Russia and the tournament’s golden boot, as well as the infamous Euros final last July, it is no wonder why questions are being asked in relation to the England captain’s future. 

So, what should Kane do? It seems destined that another summer saga with the likes of Manchester City is on the horizon and it appears it is now or never for a career defining move. The merits of staying at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium are admirable. He is already a cult hero in North London and such regard is hard to muster in modern football.

He is already a cult hero in North London and such regard is hard to muster in modern football.

Furthermore, with a sparkling new stadium and trophy-prone Antonio Conte at the helm, there is formidable potential for a brave new era at Spurs. Thus, the temptation to remain with the Lilywhites is there, and that seemingly untouchable Shearer record is almost in reach.

However, just like the Spurs motto says, to dare is to do. Will Kane dare to do the unthinkable? For whatever reason, Tottenham are seemingly incapable of bridging the gap between being dark horses and genuine favourites. There have also been too many false dawns.

Presently, it would take a miracle for Spurs to suddenly find their bottle. As a result, Kane’s capabilities are being held back and the answer to this problem can only lie in him somehow escaping Levy’s grasp. He has done all he can for Tottenham.  

What should, therefore, be his destination? Anywhere beyond the white cliffs of Dover is out of the question. England made him and I highly doubt he will accept any hinderance in that relentless pursuit of Shearer’s Premier League goal record.

Thus, the only plausible destination appears to be in the blue side of Manchester. Guardiola has previously expressed that he is a big fan, and it is evident that the Etihad boys are still scouring the earth for Aguero’s replacement, especially with Gabriel Jesus failing to fill the legend’s boots.

But questions remain regarding whether Kane would fit in their system. Trophies would be guaranteed; yet the Citizens appear to have adapted to an effective false 9 formation, with Foden effectively leading the line. Additionally, Guardiola may no longer be willing to alter a winning system.

Kane has the chance to rewrite this future and he ought to seek this possible dream with indefatigable hunger.

Kane is not the type to be satisfied with a bit-part role, and the Manchester City boss is under pressure to deliver Champions League success. The Spurs man may be the key to that elusive European coronation; nonetheless, a cloudy sky means it remains difficult to see whether the Blue Moon is truly rising for Harry. 

It would be inconceivable for this English idol to continue to stray away from major success. One can almost foresee his replacement of Shearer in Manchester’s media city, constantly being the butt of Lineker’s famed trophy jokes. A football player is notoriously only blessed with a short career, and a briefer period in the illustrious limelight.

Kane has the chance to rewrite this future and he ought to seek this possible dream with indefatigable hunger. Time and time again he has proven himself among the football’s stars, and it would truly be a sin for him to not fulfil such promise before the hour glass of his career halts its fall.

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