‘Golden Age of Knowhere’, the new album by Funeral Party

If you liked the single New York Moves to the Sound of L.A. there’s no doubt you’ll adore Funeral Party’s debut album Golden Age of Knowhere. They are one of the most charismatic bands to emerge in the last year and their record boasts 11 new tracks of total rock-pop joy.

Post-punk guitars, jerky beats and chanted lyrics make it very hard not to tap/clap/nod/boogie along and never has the indie-disco dancefloor been quite so inviting. I’m not going to lie, they just sound cool; they’re the product of those L.A. backyard parties you always wish you could’ve gone to.

But while they ooze with potential, they do come with some pretty generic flaws; the songs are all similar to each other and often unmemorable. However, you could just see this as an excuse to push the repeat button.