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With the festivities fast approaching, we start scrawling down our christmas lists as fast as you can say Santa’s coming to town! But sometimes we can get caught up in all the excitement that we forget or end up struggling to think of the perfect gift for others. So whether you’re in search for the perfect gift for that special someone or you want to add a few extras to that list of yours this season, these are all of the stylish gifts we will be filling our stockings with this winter!

Freya’s Gift Guide for Her

For the sleep lovers: You cannot beat opening up a new set of silken PJ’s, combine with a pair of cashmere bed socks for the ultimate cosy gift.

For the jewellery fanatics: Whether she wears gold or silver, or prefers diamonds or pearls there is nothing more sentimental than receiving a little box containing some sparkle, if you’re on a budget, why not try your hand at jewellery making with a kit from Amazon? 

For the sweet tooth: What is better than a box of chocolates? A box of Macaroons of course! Not only is this the perfect gift for the girls that love to eat something sweet, there is something special about receiving a colourful display of baked goods. 

For the beauty addicts: Win the heart of any beauty lover with a signature Dior lipstick, which comes perfectly packaged and ready to be gifted with their complimentary gift wrapping. Go the extra mile and take advantage of their engraving service, and get her name penned on her new favourite lipstick.

For the Fragrance collectors: Spoil her with Gourmand scents! As an avid fragrance collector, my favourite recommendations include fragrances to suit all budgets:

  1. MOD Vanilla by Ariana Grande: Without breaking the bank, this scent is pure vanilla, perfect for layering yet delicious on its own. 
  2. So… ? Vanilla: If you want to smell like mini eggs, this is my personal favourite and it’s only £5! 
  3. Dolce & Gabbana Devotion: Want to smell like an Italian dessert, this delicious fragrance is inspired by the citrussy vanilla goodness of Panettone. 
  4. Tom Ford Bitter Peach: While this is a more high end option, it is one of my favourites, notes of peach and blood orange make you smell like a juicy burst of freshness.

For the travel bugs: How about a new wash bag from Victoria’s Secret? Or the Harrods Pink Toile Foldable bag? Or if you have a big budget, how about channeling your inner Audrey Hepburn with a card case from Tiffany’s?

For the one that’s difficult to buy for: You can’t go wrong with Jellycats! Who wouldn’t love a fuzzy companion by their sides this Christmas? Treat yourself or a friend!

there is nothing more sentimental than receiving a little box containing some sparkle, if you’re on a budget, why not try your hand at jewellery making with a kit from Amazon? 

Martha’s Gift Guide for Him

For the hat fanatics: No winter outfit is complete without a hat and no hat collection is complete without the basics. So add a black beanie to his collection and you’re onto a winner.

For the layering lovers: Add a little extra to his wardrobe with a Cahartt utility vest! Perfect for layering and adding a little extra dimension to his outfits this winter.

For the shoe collectors: No collection is complete without the staples, treat yourself or buy a pair of black Adidas sambas for a complete wardrobe!

For the home decorator: How about a piece from Seth Rogan’s chic brand “Houseplant”.With the ability to choose from a sleek ash tray or a stoneware candle holder, you won’t be out of options!

For the warm walkers: The winter chill is inevitable this time of year, so why not treat someone to some hand warmers when they inevitably have to brave the family walk on Christmas day?

For the denim devotees: You can’t go wrong with a denim jacket, and regardless of your price range, you can still buy one that will look good whether he chooses to opt for bold double denim in electric blue, or prefers the muted tones of a simple black layering piece. Denim also lasts an incredibly long time, so if you’re looking for a more sustainable gift, check out thrift stores and vintage clothing lines.

For the silver shoppers: If you’re after a timeless accessory, a chunky silver chain bracelet would not go amiss. Best of all, it goes with everything and is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

For the pres hosters: If someone you know has a party coming up, buy him a wireless speaker to ensure that everyone can hear their specially curated playlist. I recommend a UE wonderboom – they are small and lightweight but have a really good sound range. They’re also water resistant, so he can sing his heart out in the shower…if that’s his thing.

For the football fanatics: Whether he’s a gooner ‘til he dies, or a die-hard Geordie, Art of Football make fun yet fashionable garments that he will love. Producing a range of products from t-shirts to posters, it is a great place to start for any football fan.

While Christmas is an exciting time of year, and a time for giving and receiving gifts. Please be considerate of your spending! There is no need to buy in excess and you should feel no pressure buying everything on these lists.


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  • Freya Rogers and Martha Powell have truly captured the essence of gift-giving with their festive guide! From luxurious silken pajamas to delectable macarons, they’ve covered all bases to make this holiday season special. However, if you’re looking to really wow someone and are prepared to splurge a bit more, kitchen furniture can be an extraordinary gift. Yes, it’s a pricey option, but the practicality and elegance it brings will be cherished for years to come.

    If you’re considering this route, check out these pre-assembled kitchen cabinets They seamlessly blend style and functionality, adding a touch of warmth and convenience to any home. What a fantastic way to make the holidays even more memorable!


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