Game of Thrones: Series 6, Episode 2


Whilst most television reviews should start with the opening scene of an episode, in this case it is more appropriate to start at the end – the end we have all been waiting for.  Spoiler alert: Game of Thrones fans rooting for Jon Snow, now is a time to be smug.  Collective gasps all round, that surprise ending made hanging on to the edge of my seat incredibly difficult.

The production team know how to make you wait for the big finish, to the point where I thought they were going to pull a Wizard of Oz-style stunt and push over the magical screen to reveal an ordinary old man – or old woman – with no powers at all.  But they didn’t. Jon Snow is back, and ready to destroy his enemies.

Now that Jon Snow is alive and Melisandre can raise people from the dead, there are now a whole host of possibilities for plot twists and mind-blowing storylines that will hopefully end with Jon and Daenerys flying away together on dragons into the sunset, King’s Landing burning beneath them…but theorising over, this episode was more than just its ending.  Hopefully there were no brick walls harmed in the making of this episode, because there was a giant smashing a traitorous Crow against a wall, the Mountain smashing a drunk guy’s head against a wall, with plenty of blood and gore to make you flinch in disgust.

The horrific imagery peaked, however, when Ramsay Bolton released a pack of hounds on a mother and her new born baby that also happened to be his brother.  But in the Game of Thrones world, the desire for power comes before family bonding, which is why Ramsay also stabbed his father in the chest.  Take note: he is definitely one to avoid at family reunions.

Probably the most intriguing scene, apart from the ending of course, was when Tyrion released the dragons.  As they appear to turn everyone (apart from their absent mother) into charcoal, it is a mystery why they allowed Tyrion to tell them a bedtime story, let alone get that close.  According to him, it is because they are intelligent and recognise who is friend and who is foe.

However, at the moment, I’m not buying into that yarn.

As Daenerys is the only other person who can control them, and she is a Targaryen whose house sigil is a three headed dragon, does that mean…? As always, it is too early to tell and, if it is true, that will probably be one for the series finale.  So bring on next week’s episode, to give Jon Snow his screen time back.

Illustration Courtesy of Wons Noj via Wikimedia Commons.

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