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How to stay both stylish and comfortable in Elvet Riverside this AW

The happy coinciding of the ‘ugly’ comfort wear trend with the recent prediction of months of snowfall ahead makes staying in the know this Michaelmas a little less disheartening than it has been in the past. Leave your high heels at home and opt for some chunky trainers, futuristic sock-esque affairs or equestrian inspired knee high boots. And it doesn’t stop with just footwear. Modesty dressing is here in a big way and the focus is instead on cut, drama and pattern with animal print coming at us this season with more variation than the passengers on Noah’s Ark.

Sports luxe was thought to be losing momentum but from the recent shows we can confirm that the case is anything but that – wrap up warm in a high necked sports zip top or in a pair of baggy, flared tracksuit bottoms on your way to lectures in the cold weather. Mixing this unrelenting embrace of more relaxed, breathable and not to mention easier to maintain fabrics with classic forms and pieces can bring the trend together perfectly creating outfits that will see you through to the spring- minus the fear of frostbite.

The beauty of this happy hybrid trend is that you can feel both put together and snuggly at the same time whilst studying in the chilly north. Perhaps the fashion industry is at last beginning to catch up with 21st century needs – style and practicality in one. We’ve picked out our favourite fashion week inspiration for freshers and beyond to save you the trouble, so consider these sartorial secrets when you make your next ASOS order…

  1. More is more – layer gold and bright, jewel-toned jewellery for an everyday regal vibe.


Photographs via Instagram
@dolcegabbana, @ralphlauren


2. Layer the Sports Luxe – Juxtapose the elegance and effortless calm of a pair of cat eye sunnies with layer upon layer of jacket, jumpers and high necked fleece.

Photographs via Instagram
@prada, @Fendi, @tommyhilfiger


3. Behaving Like Animals- dance to discovery channel in Klute with true commitment this term.


Photographs via Instagram
@fashion_viadi, @Zara

4. Primary colours – neutrals and pastels are very welcome to take the back seat this season.


Photograph via Instagram

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