“The devil’s in your details” is a new campaign which the National Fraud Authority, the Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum (TUFF) and the Financial Fraud Action UK seek to “raise awareness of the importance of protecting personal information”. Launched recently, both, the clips as well as the app, offer examples of simple tricks fraudsters use to fool their victims; thus showing up the dangers of giving out too much information online or over the phone. The Facebook app in particular is aimed at 18-25 year olds who represent one of the key target groups to fall victims of fraud.

Designed to look like footage filmed by an undercover reporter who has gained insight into an office occupied by fraudsters, the fictitious reporter manages to speak to staff and was able to document how they tricked people into sharing bank details or other valuable personal information. Action Fraud has made this report more accessible by turning it into an app which allows you to decide on the fraud victims you want to star in the footage. Action Fraud’s homepage or Facebook provide a link which opens the respective “The devil’s in your details” application. You are invited to connect with Facebook in order for the app to upload your list of friends and choose a random selection of friends who are to star in the report. However, you can alter the automated selection by choosing either an alternate mix of friends or upload different figures completely; previous users, for example, have decided to upload the cast of their favourite cartoons or the players from the national football team. As soon as you have confirmed your choices you can watch the report in which your friends or characters play the gullible victims who fall into the fraud-trap.

The influence and effectiveness of Action Fraud’s campaign is yet to be discovered. However, with celebrities like Stephen Fry engaging with the project and tweeting about his own report, starring Hugh Laurie, Dara O’Briain and Peter Jackson, the campaign promises to gain popularity soon.

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