Town Bike and Martha play Durham’s Fishtank


Discount Horse & The Equestrian Collective, affiliated with Discount Horse Records that began life in Durham five years ago, took over Fishtank last night.

Martha warmed up proceedings with their own brand of hook-heavy indie rock. Standing outside the stairs leading up to Fishtank, you could already hear their heavy basslines and overwhelming vocals. They provided an atmospheric and intense build-up to the final act of the night, but it was clear they were not there simply in support of somebody else. The clearly experienced group produced a number of fine moments, and it would not have been surprising to see them headlining.

Following on were Liverpool indie punk band Town Bike. Their breakneck brand of punk was energetic in the extreme, racing through each song and barely pausing for breath. This energy spread through the crowd, none of whom could stand still. Thankfully, and this is a rare trait in bands these days, they did not take themselves too seriously either. The raw talent on display, particularly from lead vocalist Sarah, combined with a sense of fun and a relaxed atmosphere, made for a great set.

Durham’s own Fishtank was a befitting venue for these bands, providing an intimate experience with the crowd less than a metre away. It was a welcome alternative to the more mainstream locations of Durham student nightlife.

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