Fantastic freshers and where to find them


You will be meeting a fair few freshers over the next week: from the indie nutcase who speaks a different language to the intellectual with his Mother’s record collection to the lad who likes guitars. But what happens next? How about a night in Newcastle to consecrate the amity? If you are game, better target a gig in the North East’s culture capital, Newcastle. During your time in Durham, you may well spend an unholy amount of time and money watching bands at the 02 Academy. But Newcastle caters for many different acts. From the tiny Cluny to the striking Sage Gateshead, there is strong variety in the scene up here. So don’t be disappointed by Durham’s gigs, get yourself a £4.80 return train ticket and have yourself a mighty fine night on the Toon…

The Unashamedly ‘Indie’ 

Looks a little aloof and actually cares about what they listen to – making them an awful hipster in your opinion. However, keep faith because they may reveal a philosophical heart of gold while waxing lyrical about the merits of Morrissey. Don’t ever tell them they are hip, they will either choke on a gogi berry or shrug smugly under their sheepskin. Financially, an Indie queen will prove relatively reasonable to accompany. So even if you haven’t heard of the act, trust their judgement, they will like that (a lot):

Wild Beasts – 7 October – Northumbria Students Union, £17.50
Field Music/Band of Skulls – 22 October – Sage Gateshead, £14.51/Northumbria Students’ Union, £17.60 (Don’t book both)
Sleaford Mods – 24 October – 02 Academy, £16.87
Slow Club – October 26 – The Cluny, £7.50

Band play at The Cluny

Nostalgic Nigel(la).

Those who probably had access to copious quantities of their parents’ vinyl. They may not look like they are particularly ‘into’ music, but they sure as hell know how to rock like it’s 1977. They have the habit of knowing the lyrics to every song at the silent disco, though they might look a bit geeky. Sadly, you will need a wedge of overdraft to accompany this person to the gig, but get it right and it might just be a once in a lifetime experience:

Buzzcocks -12 October – 02 Academy Newcastle, £25.31
The Specials – 20 October – 02 Academy Newcastle, £45
The Undertones – 27 October – Sage Gateshead, £23.65
The Damned -19 November – 02 Academy Newcastle, £28.12
Madness – 8 December – Metro Radio Arena, £35
Pixies – 3 December – 02 Academy Newcastle, £35.75

Peter Andre at the Metro

White Boys with Guitars. 

To be honest with you, I’d probably avoid the ‘lads’ like the plague and stick to the old-school or indie crew. Otherwise, you could get christened into some Noel Gallagher renaissance tribe, or worse, the Liam Gallagher revivalism movement. Unlikely to be an intellectual, they probably worship Ka-sa-bi-an and believe music originated in the 1990s though they believe Britpop to be a Soviet conspiracy. However, you might get lucky and find yourself a Jamie T fan: the Tinder date from heaven:

Courteneers – 21 November – O2 Academy Newcastle, £28.12
Brian Fallon and The Crowes – 25 November – 02 Academy Newcastle, £25.31
Jamie T – 16 October – 02 Academy Newcastle, £28.12
Slaves – 17 November – 02 Academy Newcastle, £18

O2 Academy Snowy day in Newcastle














Photos from David King and Levestane via Flickr, and Geograph

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