Economists taken aback as share price of gowns rockets

An unnamed Durham-based gown company reported a miraculous 14,000% rise in sales this month, as demand suddenly skyrocketed for the pointlessly expensive garment. The company owner told us: “this is the only time of year we make any sale; we only sold one gown in the other 51 weeks this year, and that was just because a blind man tripped into the shop and dropped money on the counter. A sale’s a sale.”

They added: “When we had a surge in sales around this time last year, I thought it was because gowns were finally back in fashion. I made hundreds of thousands extra, expecting we’d continue to sell at the same rate – I even pre-emptively bought a yacht. When I realised it was just a load of one-off orders from university students, it was hard to take.”

“I’ve been living off tins of kidney beans for months; we really need freshers to come back around.”

World-renowned economists have been left speechless: “all our models suggested the share price would correct itself to natural levels. We’ve no idea what went wrong.”

Image: journeyman 62 via Flickr

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