Durham’s Mental Health and Disability Employment Service receives top rating


The British Association for Supported Employment has recently rated DurhamEnable with a score of 92%, the highest cohort of rating for the employment service. 

DurhamEnable is a personalised service that aids adult individuals struggling with disability and mental health issues to seek and retain employment in County Durham. The job coaches provide a one-on-one service that connects employers and individuals in an effort to surmount the obstacles posed by mental and physical health conditions. 

By taking into consideration individual aspirations and long term employment goals, DurhamEnable provides support for finding the most suitable role for individuals, as well as delivering in work support that aids with adjustments to new work environments. The service works closely with local businesses to ensure a smooth and inclusive work experience for individuals. 

“We know that their personalised support makes a huge difference in helping people to develop the skills and confidence needed to successfully apply for jobs but to receive official recognition for it is a great achievement,” said Councillor Ted Henderson, Durham’s Cabinet member for children and young people’s services. 

DurhamEnable has been rated “excellent” in a recent inspection

The service now offers the Department for Work and Pensions Local Supported Employment initiative contract, a voluntary support program that supports individuals with learning disabilities. Furthermore, DurhamEnable offers the additional mental health support services for those struggling with depression, anxiety and OCD by qualified mental health practitioners. 

The employment service has been praised by The British Association for Supported Employment for its extensive knowledge on the local labour market and its transparency. It received an “excellent” rating from inspectors. The service has been recognised by the Durham County Council as it is immensely successful in raising awareness in regards to mental health issues in the workplace. 

“This audit result provides well-deserved recognition of the fantastic work DurhamEnable staff do to help people overcome barriers and support them into employment,” said Councillor Ted Henderson. 


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