Durham students use £50,000 donation for investment fund, pledge profits to scholarships


Durham Students have launched an investment fund with the aim of providing the University’s aspiring financiers hands-on market experience. The Durham University Student Investment Fund (DUSIF) describes itself as a “student-led long-only value-focused fund” and is fully managed by a team of 25 student analysts and advisors.  

Analysts will receive training in fundamental analysis, financial modelling and stock pitching which they will be able in their handling of a real-life global money portfolio, providing them with the skills and credentials to succeed in their future careers.

Currently, the DUSIF portfolio consists of investments into Urban Logistics Reit plc, CIR Group, Babcock International Inc. and Hongkong Land.

A £50,000 legacy donation to the University was used to launch the DUSIF, but in the future students hope to become self-sufficient by creating profitable returns that can be reinvested into the fund. As the DUSIF grows it hopes to attract sponsors to become ‘honorary shareholders’. 

The DUSIF cites funding scholarships for disadvantaged university students as one of its core aims. A proportion of the fund’s future profits will be put towards the Durham Inspired North East Scholarships initiative which assists around twenty local students from low-income backgrounds to attend the University each year.

Sustainability and the social impact of their investments is a key concern for the team behind the DUSIF. To ensure the fund upholds the strictest ethical standards the executive team will have a member solely dedicated to matters of Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (ESG).

The DUSIF has also pledged to maintain transparency in its work, committing to regular public publications of research alongside quarterly/annual reports and performance data. 

Students will be supported in their endeavours by an alumni-led governance board made up of experts and professionals in the financial sector. The board will be chaired by Mark Wharrier, a senior investment fund manager at Majedie Capital and the vice-chair will be Kate McGrath an ESG Analyst at Aberdeen Standard Capital. 

“The vision for DUSIF is to build a student organisation that produces professional-level research and differentiates itself with a truly long-term approach to investment.” 

-Tyler Thomas, DISUF President

“Over time, I hope for the fund to build a reputation amongst investment professionals as a high-quality organisation that develops talented analysts they’d like to recruit. If we can achieve this, alongside our annual donations to the Durham Inspired North East Scholarship, then I think the fund can benefit generations of Durham students to come.”

Image: Durham University


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